What if you don’t sell all the tickets by the end of the competition?

In the unfortunate event that all competition tickets are not sold by the end of the competition, we’ll add more time to the competition. We will do this a maximum of 4 times.

If the tickets still haven’t fully sold out, we’ll offer a cash prize to those who entered the competition. As with all our competition winners, we’ll announce this via Facebook live with our random number generator.


If I’m a one of the lucky winners, when will I receive my prize?

We know that you’ll be so excited to receive any one of our prizes, so we’ll aim to deliver your prize as soon as possible. As soon as the winner has been announced, we’ll contact them to arrange delivery.

This will be dictated by when you’re available, but we try to ensure prize winners receive their prizes within 7 days of being announced.

Is your number generator/selector  completely random?

Yes all our competitions are fair and honest. We even draw the winner and announce them on Facebook Live, so we can offer you absolute clarity. We’re here to give great prizes, not to scam.

You will receive your number via email as soon as you purchase your ticket. We will then call a number at the end of the competition. If that number is yours, you win. It’s as simple and fair as that. 

How many times am I allowed to enter the same competition?

We understand, you want to have the best possible chance of winning, but we want to keep our competitions fair. Not everyone will have a budget that allows them to purchase 100 tickets.

For that reason, we limit the number to 5 tickets per person, per competition.

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