Making Your Dreams A Reality

“Money can’t buy happiness” but people who win amazing prizes always seem to have a pretty big smile on their face.

Is it time you entered a competition where the odds are more in your favour?

At Neat Competitions, we believe in creating competitions for people who actually stand a chance of winning. We may not be giving prizes away worth £Millions like the National Lottery, but your chances of winning are much more likely.

We’re based in Preston, Lancashire. However our competitions are open to the whole of the UK. 

If you’re the lucky winner of one of our amazing online competitions, we’ll personally deliver your prize to your doorstep. From sports cars, to laptops, you’ll receive the same VIP treatment from our team.

What are you waiting for, take a look at our amazing prizes and see which one you’d like to win, then enter. Best of luck, the Neat Competitions team.

Let's Play!

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